For those in the know, Tel Aviv has had a thriving street art scene for some years now.  There are innumerous reasons, but one of the main ones is a plethora of run down buildings and alleyways that owners don't mind getting a bit spruced up.  At least that's my explanation for it all...  That and a loose knit group of founding brothers and sisters - klone, 0ยข, know hope, foma, nesca, and the broken fingaz crew - who really took it to a whole other level. 

Anyway, the other day I was walking around through outskirts of Florentin, and bumped into my friend Yosi.  (He just opened a glasses store in Tel Aviv - one of the most beautiful stores I have yet seen anywhere - He told me that there was a type of street art convention / party a few months back.

All these images were made during that event and cover a small block.

...and one more.