We had to make a sign for a window the other day and ended up at this place.

 I don't think I'd ever be in a bad mood if I lived in this rainbow wonderland.  

For those in the know, Tel Aviv has had a thriving street art scene for some years now.  There are innumerous reasons, but one of the main ones is a plethora of run down buildings and alleyways that owners don't mind getting a bit spruced up.  At least that's my explanation for it all...  That and a loose knit group of founding brothers and sisters - klone, 0ยข, know hope, foma, nesca, and the broken fingaz crew - who really took it to a whole other level. 

Anyway, the other day I was walking around through outskirts of Florentin, and bumped into my friend Yosi.  (He just opened a glasses store in Tel Aviv - one of the most beautiful stores I have yet seen anywhere - http://www.facebook.com/josephhaver.optometrist...) He told me that there was a type of street art convention / party a few months back.

All these images were made during that event and cover a small block.

...and one more.

A lot of you have been asking about the giveaways from our NY trunk show.  Here they are -  fluoro computer keyboard cleaners, tiny witches brooms, and "baby soothers" (those round ones below - yes, we don't get it either).  All these amazing pieces are handmade by the gentleman below, Avraham Cohen, proprietor of Namer Brushes, on 39 Derech Yaffo corner of Nachlat Binyamin in Tel Aviv.  His store is open until 2pm everyday, after which he goes to his workshop to work on brush inventions.  Check him out here >> www.namer-brushes.com.